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Ampoule washing machine is used to remove the spillages from ampoules that are used extensively in pharmaceuticals to contain chemicals which must be protected from air and contaminants. It is used for washing ampoule while having the least contact with other machine parts. These machines have been intelligently designed to give the best output results.

These machines are very high-capacitive and can wash ampoules at a minimum rate of 120 ampoules per minute. It can wash ampoules ranging in size from 1ml to 10ml. Not only that, they are also highly customizable and can be adjusted as per the need of the industry. The ampoule washer is made suitable for the usage of both Powder and liquid injectable line.

Ampoule Washing Machine Operations

In Ampoule Washing Machines, Ampoules are injected from the Infeed tray into the Infeed Feed worm which are then sent to Infeed Star Wheel. Then the Grippers picks up the ampoules from the Infeed Star Wheel and invert it back into the neck down position. Thereafter, the washing needles sprays water on the ampoules to wash them perfectly. Once done, these ampoules are then inverted back to their initial position and sent back to the output star wheel. From there, the washed ampoules are pushed to the output table from where they can be collected for further process.

In this way, Ampoules are easily and accurately washed with the help of these ampoules washing machines. They are fast, accurate, and are very effective to use. They don’t waste water and recycles the water for washing ampoules. Also, they come with LC system with touchscreen interface that makes it easier for anyone to operate them. Below you can read the specifications of the Ampoule Washing Machine to get more clearer view of the Machine you are looking for.

Multi jet Ampoule & Vial Washing Machine – 200

Multi jet vial & ampoule washing machine is a modern generation machine made using latest technology and smart design in order to provide durability & high performance to the client. The machine is designed, crafted and made by adhering to the guidelines and norms of goods manufacturing practices (GMP), this feature of the machine makes it one of the most credible in the market. Multi jet vial & ampoule washing machine ensures corrosion free working capacity as it is made of standard grade stainless steel material. Machine is designed to provide high output and hence it can deliver performance as high as washing 5 ml to 100 ml of glass vials and 2 ml to 20 ml of ampoules.

After profound research on the structuring of the machine, it is equipped with system of mechanized motor cam valve procedure and it is suitable for six washing in each cycle. Machine can be assembled with modern controls and microprocessor as per the requirement of client. Multi jet vial & ampoule washing machine works hassle free across various sectors but it is most ideal for small, medium & high-medium inject able.

Multi jet Ampoule & Vial Washing Machine Operation

Firstly, ampoule and vial are arranged in the trays in alternate manner and then the tray is loaded in the machine. Switch can be operated for automatic sequential washing both from outside & inside for every ampoule & vial and the top portion is lowered. Machine is designed to stop on its own (say ‘automatically’) after end of each cycle for removal of trays.


Model DPM-MVAW-200
Output / Hour Up to 6000 Vials.
Up to 9000 Ampoules
Power Consumption Main motor – 0.5 HP
Pumps 2 nos – 1.0 HP x 2 nos.
Wash Cycle 4 water + 2 Air for drain.
Including 1 external wash each for water and air.
Water consumption. 200-500 Litters. per hr. Depending on Vial size
Air consumption 20 CFM
Conveyor height 875 mm to 950 mm
Machine Dimension 990mm (L) X 860mm (W) X 940mm (H)
Case Dimensions 1200 mm (L) x 1000 mm (W) x 1150mm (H)
Net Weight 120 kgs
Gross Weight 450 kgs.
Round Shape Ø 14 mm to Ø 52 mm*** ( VIAL )
32 mm to 105 mm height.Suitable for 2 ml to 100 mm vials.
Ø 10mm to Ø 21.5 mm*** ( AMPOULE )
60mm to 140mm
Washing Cycle
First Wash DM Water
Second Wash Purified air
Third Wash DM Water
Fourth Wash Purified Air
Fifth Wash Distilled Water (WFI)
Sixth Wash Purified Air
  • PLC control
  • SS Needle Plate
  • Comby Trays

Salient Features

  • Designed in such a manner that clear view of washing procedure can be viewed from top portion of the machine.
  • Standard grade stainless steel used to provide durability & corrosion free experience.
  • Extra security features in the machine, for example if the top portion cover of machine is taken off than machine automatically stops working and the machine resumes the process from stopping point on placing the top portion back to its original place.
  • Easiest washing process and low maintenance cost.
  • Machine has capacity of both internal and external washing.
  • Pressure cleaning can be done easily through washing needle.
  • Robust machine can withstand several hours of continuous working.
  • Ideal for wide range of washing (2 ml to 100 ml vials)