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Ampoule Washing Machine

Ampoule washing machine is used to remove the spillages from ampoules that are used extensively in pharmaceuticals to contain chemicals which must be protected from air and contaminants. It is used for washing ampoule while having the least contact with other machine parts. These machines have been intelligently designed to give the best output results.

These machines are very high-capacitive and can wash ampoules at a minimum rate of 120 ampoules per minute. It can wash ampoules ranging in size from 1ml to 10ml. Not only that, they are also highly customizable and can be adjusted as per the need of the industry. The ampoule washer is made suitable for the usage of both Powder and liquid injectable line.

Ampoule Washing Machine Operations

In Ampoule Washing Machines, Ampoules are injected from the Infeed tray into the Infeed Feed worm which are then sent to Infeed Star Wheel. Then the Grippers picks up the ampoules from the Infeed Star Wheel and invert it back into the neck down position. Thereafter, the washing needles sprays water on the ampoules to wash them perfectly. Once done, these ampoules are then inverted back to their initial position and sent back to the output star wheel. From there, the washed ampoules are pushed to the output table from where they can be collected for further process.

In this way, Ampoules are easily and accurately washed with the help of these ampoules washing machines. They are fast, accurate, and are very effective to use. They don’t waste water and recycles the water for washing ampoules. Also, they come with LC system with touchscreen interface that makes it easier for anyone to operate them. Below you can read the specifications of the Ampoule Washing Machine to get more clearer view of the Machine you are looking for.