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Tablet Press Filling Cam

Tablet Press Filling Cam is a one of the most important part of different types of Tablet Press / Compression Machine. There are different types of Filling Cam designs are available such as D tooling machine and B tooling Machine. That depends on the average weight of the tablet. For example, if you have to make 500mg tablet, then it will take lower capacity Tablet Press filling Cam and if you have a tablet of 1100 or 1200 mg, then filling cam size will be higher.

We are leading manufacturer of tablet compression filling cam for B tooling and D tooling Tablet compression machine. The Filling Cam of D tooling and B tooling has some design variation as per tablet weight.

D Tooling Standard Filling Cam

  • 13/16″ = 20mm Full Size
  • 9/16″ = 14mm Medium Size
  • 5/16″ = 8mm minimum size

B Tooling Standard Fill Cam

  • 11/16″ = 18mm Full Size
  • 1/2″ = 12 mm medium size
  • 5/16″ = 8mm minimum size