29 Station Feed Frame

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    The function of the feed frame is to hold the powder and forward it. In a tablet press compression machine, the powder is placed in the feed frame and it helps to fill small dos and the access powder does not let go.

    Brand: We make feed frame for any brand
    Model: 29 STATION
    Capacity: 25
    Minimum Order Quantity: As per needs
    Delivery Time: Raddy to dispatch
    Packaging Details: As per party p.o.

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        We are leading manufacturer of Tablet Press Feed Frame for High Speed Tablet press machine, Double and Single Rotary Tablet Press Machine. It is open feed frame and close type feed frame with force feeder system. Every tablet press machines have a high spot and that’s where we have to set up feed frame and basically the feed frame setup with three components the feeder itself where the powder flows in and moves through these Chevron’s and moves in and out to fill the dye. The bottom of the feed frame or this end of the feed frame we have a take-off blade that guides that tablet down.


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