Air Jet Vacuum Cleaning Machine

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    Output / Hour: 2600 to 6000
    Direction of Machine: Left to Right
    Blower Tank Capacity:120 cfm
    Consumption of Air:6 Kg/cm2
    Machine Dimension: 2175 mm (L) x 780 mm (W) x 1550 mm (H)
    Case Dimensions: 2500 mm (L) x 1000 mm (W) x 1750 mm (H)

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        The Automatic Air Jet Bottle Washing Machine is a small item constructed entirely of stainless steel with height adjustment legs that allow you to alter the machine’s height. and an elegantly designed machine that is very efficient. This versatile, multi-featured equipment complies with GMP standards for washing glass and plastic bottles. The machine works on a linear basis with a “INVERTER” mechanism and requires manual and automatic bottle loading and unloading.


        The Air & Vacuum Cleaning Machine includes a Turntable for easy movement of the container to the Cleaning Section. This machine operates on the principle of container back pressure. The Turntable feeds the container to the separator assembly, which sends the container to the cleaning section one at a time. The Air & Suction Cleaning Machine is made up of two inverters that invert the container and push it to the cleaning area by the back pressure of the other container. The cleaning section is outfitted with a continuous vacuum system.

        When the container reaches the cleaning portion, a pair of air nozzles begins to flush the air within the container’s neck while a vacuum sucks the particles disturbed by the air. The container then goes to the inverter, where it is re-inverted in an upright position before moving on to the next process.

        Model DPM-ACM-120
        Output / Hour* 2600 to 6000
        Direction of Machine** Left to Right
        Power Consumption Main motor 1.0 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz
        Pumps 2 nos 0.75 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz
        Blower Tank Capacity 120 cfm
        Working height 850 to 900 mm
        Consumption of Air 6 Kg/cm2
        Machine Dimension 2175 mm (L) x 780 mm (W) x 1550 mm (H)
        Case Dimensions 2500 mm (L) x 1000 mm (W) x 1750 mm (H)
        Net Weight 600 kgs
        Gross Weight 850 Kgs
        Round Shape Ø 30 mm to Ø100 mm Respectively height, 50 mm to 270 mm,
        Ø 22 to Ø 28 Neck***
        Flat / Square 30 mm to 100 mm (Length)
        Respectively 10 mm to 50 mm (Width)
        Respectively height 58 mm X 190 mm
        Electrical supply 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
        Electrical load 1.29KW
        Air Pressure: Minimum 6 bar pressure 5 CFM

        Salient Features:

        • Cluth operated starwheel to push the bottle
        • SS Pressure Gauge.
        • Stationary SS nozzles.
        • Positive air pressure and vacuum cleaning.
        • Separate control for air pressure
        • High efficient blower to clean container properly
        • Manual loading and automatic unloading container
        • Easy operating system


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