Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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    Application: Filling Capsules with powder, pellets & granules
    Usage: Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Biotech, Health Supplement, Food Product & Cosmetics
    Suitability: Hard Gelatin, HPMC & Veg Capsules in 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 sizes
    Versions: DPMCF – 25, DPMCF- 40, DPMCF- 90 & DPMCF- 150
    Principle: Temping Pin Principle
    Product Contact Parts: AISI SS 316

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        Details DPMCF 25 DPMCF 40 DPMCF 90
        Output * 25000 Capsules/Hour 40000 Capsules/Hour 90000 Capsules/Hour
        Principle Temping Pin Principle
        Technical Specifications:
        Compliance cGMP model with Contact Parts of SS 316
        Capsule size 0el to 4 Capsule Size
        Control PLC Based MMI Control Panel / Swing Arm Panel Machine Mounted
        Safety Overload Relays PLC Based MMI Control Panel / Swing Arm Panel Machine Mounted
        Finish Contact Parts – Mirror Finish while Non Contact Parts of Matt Finish
        Power supply 415 V AC / 3 Phase / 50 Hz
        Main Motor (Brake Motor Type) 0.5HP, 750 RPM 1.0 HP, 750 RPM 2.0 HP, 750 RPM
        Powder feeder Motor 0.18 KW/ 0.25 HP, 1400 RPM AC Motor 0.18 KW/ 0.25 HP, 1400 RPM AC Motor 0.37 KW/ 0.5 HP, 1400 RPM AC Motor
        Vacuum Pump Unit 2.2 KW/3.0 HP , 1400 RPM
        Air displacement unit Motor 2 HP at 2800 RPM
        Air Compressor Unit 1.5KW/ 2HP at 1440 RPM
        Dust Collector—CDU 150 Flow – 2800 LPM, Max. vacuum – 500mm of water, Filter – 5 Micron
        Compressed Air requirement Flow 300 LPM at 6 kg/cm2
        Empty capsule hopper 25 Litre approx (About 25000 capsule “0el” size)
        30 Litre approx (about 40000 capsule “3” size)
        Powder hopper 20 Litre (Approximately) 20 Litre (Approximately) 20 Litre (Approximately)
        Overall Dimensions (L× W × H) GA Drawing and Line Diagram will be provided as per Machine
        Possible Dosing Combination Powder Pellet Tablet

        Salient Features

        • Compact cGMP model.
        • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) & display of all operations
        • All the drive elements and the cabling at the bottom side separate panel
        • Crevice free smooth stainless steel pharmaceutical grades
        • Automatic intermittent motion Driving Zone completely separate at bottom and production zone at upper side
        • Fill weight can be easily achieved by dosing disk thickness; the weight variation can be maintained ± 3% by accurate dosing disc.
        • Powder sensor maintains constant level of powder in the dosing chamber and there will alarm in case of low level of powder in dosing chamber.
        • Easy to operation by central control touch screen and easy to change dosing disc, tamping pins, capsule feeding & orientation parts, capsule segments.
        • Product contact parts are 316L SS and the other parts non-corrosive material.
        • Capsule can fill powder or pellets.
        • Non-separated capsule will be ejected automatically

        Operating Procedure

        After starting the machine, the empty capsules in the hopper will be fed vertically into the magazine slot. With each machine stroke, the fingers of the magazine will release one row of capsules into the rectifier raceway. The horizontal fingers correct the capsules’ orientation, and the vertical fingers force the capsules into the segment’s hole, with all caps facing up. The capsules in the holes are delivered to each operating station in tandem with the turn table’s intermittent rotation.

        • At the 1st & 2nd station, the vacuum system separates the capsules in position.
        • At 3rd station, the lower segment with capsule body extends out ready for the filling.
        • 4thstation uses to fill pellets.
        • At the 5th station, the tamping pins push the pressed powder slug into capsule body.
        • 6th station to re-joint cap & body segments.
        • At 7th station non-separated capsule gets eject.
        • At 8th station vertical pins pushing body of capsule into the cap for re-join and close the filled capsules.
        • The 9th station is to eject the finished capsules.
        • At the 10th station the holes of segments are cleaned by vacuum cleaner and compressed air. Then the segments are ready for next cycle of operation.


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