Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine

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    Usage/Application: Vial washing
    Air Consumption: 10 – 30 CFM depending upon the Machine Model & Vial size
    Automation Grade: Automatic
    Power: 3 to 5 HP
    Direction: Left to Right
    Vial Sizes: 5 to 30 ml without any change parts

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        High Speed Linear Vial Washing Machine is best suited for Round Vials and has a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The automated loading setup allows Vials to be loaded onto the SS wire mesh conveyor through the feed conveyor or manually pushed from the feed table. This saves labour since Vials are automatically fed into pockets. The automated unloading process comprises of emptying Vial and then proceeding to the Turn Table (Optional).


        Three-cycle rinsing provides for the flexibility of different wash cycles, such as fresh water, dematerialized water, and so on, according on the washing requirements of the Vial. All of the pumps are made of stainless steel, and all of the water contact components are made of stainless steel 316, and they are mounted on a strong MS material design.

        The tunnel is designed in such a way that the feeding zone and discharge zone of the cleaned containers are kept separate. All mechanical drives are isolated and segregated from the washing zone. Only approved materials are used for construction, along with a thorough selection of components, taking into account all elements of cleanliness and, as a result, complying with pharmaceutical G.M.P. criteria.

        The quality of rinsing is assured by three sets of inner and two sets of outer nozzles that are precisely arranged to direct the jet to the centre of the Vial, and the Vial comes out with water that is completely emptied with only a few drops of water.

        Input Specifications:

        • Round Shape: (A)  30 mm to  65 mm, (B) 58 mm to 190 mm (Height option for other bottle height available), (C) 20 to 55 Neck Diameter
        • Flat / Square (A) 30 mm to 100 mm (Length), (B) 10 mm to 50 mm (Width), (C) 58 mm x 190 mm (Height option for other bottle height available)


        • Depends on bottle size.
        • We can supply as per customer requirements.
        • With help of change parts.

        Salient Features:

        • High-pressure pump ensure proper wash of bottle.
        • Contact parts S.S. 316 Non Contact parts S.S. 304 Including the basic frame.
        • Suitable for Round and Flat Glass Bottle (with help of change parts).
        • Water re-cycling provided as per customer  SOP.

        Optional Features:

        • For high volume container wash provided high pressure centrifugal pump
        • Fully functional PLC with Touch Screen for the whole operation of the machine
        • Printing Facility, Quick Recipes, Batch Details, Password Protection, etc. through PLC
        Technical Specification
        Model No. DPMLVW – 150H DPMLVW – 250H
        Direction Left to Right Left to Right
        Production Rate Up to 120 Vials/Min. Up to 240 Vials/Min.
        Electrical Supply 5.0 HP 5.0 HP
        Power Requirement 415 Volts, 3 Phase (4 Wire System) 50 Hz. 415 Volts, 3 Phase (4 Wire System) 50 Hz.
        Height of Conveyor Adjustable from 850 to 900 MM Adjustable from 850 to 900 MM
        Dimensions 2290 MM (L) x 1175 MM (W) x 1575 MM (H) 2290 MM (L) x 1580 MM (W) x 1975 MM (H)
        Net Weight 800 Kgs. (Approx) 1200 Kgs. (Approx)
        Gross Weight 1250 Kgs. (Approx) 1750 Kgs. (Approx)
        Vial Sizes 2 ml. to 100 ml. 2 ml. to 100 ml.


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