Ebonite Rubber Roller

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    Category: Rubber Roller

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
    Color: Black
    Roller Diameter: 50-100 mm
    Brand: DPM
    Packaging Type: Box
    Work temperature: Upto 110 Degree C

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        • Uniform Hardness on over all surface
        • No Ebonite Junction (Rubber Roller)
        • Mechanical & Chemical Bonding
        • All Types of Rubber Coating
        • Cylindrical Grinding
        • Precise Grooving
        • Precise Cambering Through Auto CNC Grinding Machine
        • Tolerance Precision


        • Gravure Printing
        • Flexo Graphic Printing
        • Solvent Less Lamination
        • Solvent Base Lamination
        • Extrusion Lamination
        • Adhesive Lamination
        • Tape Line / Woven Sack
        • Bown Film Line
        • Bopp / Polyester Line
        • Pelletizer Machine


        • Length up to 8 mtr.
        • Dia. Up to 750 mm
        • Customize Requirement Accepted


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