Force Feeder For High Speed Tablet Compression Machine

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        Helps to force the feed the granules into the dies especially during faster rotation. Machine for high-speed tablet compression that has three pedals and a motor that drives the first one. For high speed tablet compression machines, a three-stage (peddle) design with a bottom drive ensures appropriate filling of die cavities, even at high speeds of the turret.

        As one of the most significant components of a compressing tablet machine, a force feeder is essential. To make tablets, force feeders push powder/granules into die cavities. A poorly constructed force feeder can result in weight variations, air entrapment, and a higher probability of tablet rejection. As long as the machine’s speed is slow, the standard force feeding design is effective. When the speed of the machine is raised, it does not operate correctly. In high-speed tablet compression machines, traditional force feeders may result in non-formation of tablets, resulting in a lower yield.

        Traditionally feeders to tablet compression machines are of two types, gravity or force feeder. Force feeder are of rotary type or centrifugal type.

        Traditionally, force feeders with a rotary design have been utilised. Since force feeders are insufficient when turret speed is raised in order to enhance tableting machine output, it is necessary to improve force feeders in order to feed cavities effectively with granulation at high speed.


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