High Speed Tablet Press Machine

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    High Turret Speed: upto 100 RPM
    Direct drive: ACVFD
    Zero Clearance force feeder: ACVFD
    Swing type pressure roll: Main & Pre
    Pre Compression force: 10 ton
    Main compression force: 10 ton
    Contact Parts: SS 316

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        High speed production has always been the demand of industry; we introduce High Speed Tablet Press or compression machine with pre-compression for better productions. Machine is suitable and specially designed for large scale production and for higher tablet output.

        As per industry standards machine is prepared with consideration of GMP. Corrosion free and durable working ensured by stainless steel grade 304 parts. Machine has easy controls and user friendly system. Press has auto lubrication system to keep it working for long lasting period. The press is equipped with electromagnetic clutch with helical gear in order to driver turret. The control panel is detachable and provided on the top of the machine. In order to provide more ease of production the press is equipped with round hoppers with butterfly valve. The most premium feature of this machine is that it has a pre-compression facility which makes it most suitable for higher output of tablets.

        The machine weighs around 3700 kilograms and different variants have output of 3, 24,000 to 5, 40,000 tablets per hour. Maximum turret RPM is 60. Dust extraction nozzle is also equipped to keep machine working in hassle free manner. Get detailed quotes and specifications and choose your variant of the machine.


        • High Turret Speed upto 100 RPM
        • Direct drive with ACVFD
        • Zero Clearance force feeder with ACVFD
        • Swing type pressure roll (Main & Pre)
        • Pre Compression force upto 10 ton
        • Main compression force upto 10 ton
        • Contact Parts in SS 316
        • Three Piece Turret with SS 316 die plate
        • Lower punch wiper seal (Wiper seal only in D & B tooling)
        • Front controls for machine & tablet parameters
        • PLC with 10″ color HMI
        • Upper punch penetration
        • Powder level sensor
        • Pressure loading and overload release through advanced hydro-pneumatic device
        • Auto lubrication arrangement for centralized lubrication
        • Lower punch lubrication for punch stem (Punch Body)
        • 3 types of filling cams
        • Initial rejection
        • Seven lower punches can be replaced in one setting
        No. of Stations 51 61 75 81
        Tooling D B BB BB
        Max. Pressure (Ton) 10 6.5 6.5 6.5
        Max. Pre Compression Load (Ton) 10 6.5 6.5 6.5
        Max Tablet Dia (mm) 25 16 11 11
        Max Output Tablets/hr)* 6,12,000 7,32,000 9,00,000 9,72,000
        Depth of Fill (mm) 20 17 17 17
        Main Motor (kW/HP) 15.7/21 15.7/21 15.7/21 15.7/21
        Force feeder Motor (kW/HP)2 nos 0.37/0.5 0.37/0.5 0.37/0.5 0.37/0.5
        Total Power (kW/HP) 16.5/22 16.5/22 16.5/22 16.5/22
        Compressed Air Supply 3 CFM @ 6 bar 3 CFM @ 6 bar 3 CFM @ 6 bar 3 CFM @ 6 bar
        Charging Height (mm) 1995 1995 1995 1995
        Discharging Height (mm) 890 890 890 890
        Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 1800 x 1650 x 2100 1800 x 1650 x 2100 1800 x 1650 x 2100 1800 x 1650 x 2100


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