Packaging Machine Timing Screw

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    Material: Nylon, Aluminum, Delrin
    Size: 1500mm Length
    Accuracy: 0.05 Mircon
    Color: As per Material
    Pipe Diameter: Upto 320mm
    Screw Design: Variable Piych
    Usage/Application: Bottling Plant, Packaging Machine, Pharma
    Country of Origin: Made in India

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        Timing screws, sometimes known as screws, worms, or helices, are used in almost every activity that might occur on a packing line. One of the most popular is metering containers into a starwheel on a capper or other equipment. This is far from the only use for this multifunctional instrument.

        Feed Screws are engineered to be as efficient as possible. You may improve efficiency, enhance production, and increase your bottom line by using a properly working timing screw. When creating a timing screw for one of our clients, we pay close attention to the specific application. This guarantees that the product and performance are optimal for the work at hand.

        Feed Screws provide a smooth surface finish and pocket-to-pocket precision for seamless container transfer without scuffing, damage, label marking, or spilling.


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