Star Wheel For Bottle Filling Machine

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    1 Ml 1oz 10ml 20ml 15ml 30ml 2 Head Gravity Cigaret Liquid Electric Star Wheel For Bottle Filling Machine.
    Material: Nylon/ Cast Nylon/ PP/Denhil
    Usage/Application: Pharma
    Part Type: Machine Change Part
    Surface Finish: Fine Finish
    Automation Grade: Automatic
    Diameter: Customized
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        Conveyor systems are widely used in the material handling and packaging industries because of their ability to transport a wide variety of materials quickly and efficiently. Shipping, pharmaceutical, food, and retail companies all rely on star-wheeled conveyors and guides to properly orient packages during mechanical handling processes. A wide range of materials, such as UHMW, Acetal, and Nylon, are available from Piedmont Plastics.

        Oil and grease resistance, machinability, and durability are just a few of the features we offer. A lower coefficient of friction makes them ideal for use in gears and on conveyor lines because they’re lighter than metal. In addition, they are able to withstand high temperatures and are easy to fabricate to tight tolerance requirements. It is less expensive to use plastic star wheels on a conveyor belt than it is to use metal ones, and they are less likely to damage packaging or product. It is possible for star wheels to be approved by FDA, USDA, and NSF agencies for contact with food.


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