Vacuumetric Dry Syrup Filling Machine

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    Number Of Filling Heads: Customise
    Model Name/Number: PRFS-6/6, 8/8, 12/8, 16/12, 20/12
    Usage/Application: Pharma
    Machine Type: Automatic
    Diameter: 19 mm to 38 mm
    Height: 15 to 18.3 mm
    Flat / Square: 15mm to 100 mm (Length), Respectively 10mm to 50 mm (Width), Respectively height 58 mm X 240 mm

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        For proper spacing between two bottles the containers are fed through the Infeed Turn Table on to the Infeed Delrin slat conveyor belt at the necessary speed. With an infeed star wheel, the container is moved down to the funnel. The funnel plate has 16 funnels attached on it, and the powder wheel is positioned on the centre pipe, which allows the wheel to be adjusted as needed and takes up less space on the machine.

        On the bottom of the plate, there is a lifter assembly. It’s important to note that the bottom platform elevates a bottle while it’s below the funnel, which allows it to fit snugly inside the funnel. Particles placed in the powder bin are stirred using mechanical mixers for uniformity and consistent bulk density, while a powder wheel rotates at a pre-set speed directly below it, with no space between it and any other objects.

        Due to the back spring pressure, there is no space between the powder wheel and the vacuum plate, which is made up of pistons in each port of the powder wheel. During vacuum, a precise amount of powder is drawn into the powder wheel’s port according to the piston’s size. There are several ways to create a varied fill volume. An external doctored blade is used to remove extra powder from the power hopper. A temporal dosage of compressed air, sterilised low pressure air, or nitrogen gas successively flushes powder from the powder wheel’s port into the funnel as the powder wheel indexes farther and remains in the pot owing to the vacuum until it reaches just in vertical position.

        To split the powder slugs, a square rod is used to break the funnel’s square rod. Five to six seconds are required for the bottle to be filled with a drink. Using the funnel, the bottles continue to travel until they reach the outlet of the starwheel. In order to continue forward with subsequent operations, the filling head travels upward with the aid of a cam, while bottles enter into a spherical exit star wheel.

        Optional Features:

        • PLC control
        • Acrylic cabinet to avoid dust particle during operation
        • Safety guards for trouble free operational.
        • Dust collection unit

        Technical Specifications:

        Output/Hour* 4000 -6000 containers
        Number of head 16 x 8
        Fill Size*** 3 Gms to 50 Gms (with the help of Change parts)
        Accuracy ± 2 %
        Electrical Specifications** Main Machine and Conveyor 3 HP / 415Volts / 50 Hz.
        Vacuum Pump 3 HP / 415Volts / 50 Hz
        Pneumatic Air Filtered, oil free, sterile low pressure Air at 4 kg/cm2(4/6 bar)
        Vacuum Line 20 HG
        Machine Dimensions** 2500mm (L) x 1250 mm (W) x 2150 mm (H)
        Case Dimensions 2700mm (L) x 1450 mm (W) x 2350 mm (H)
        Net Weight 2250 Kgs.
        Gross Weight 2600 Kgs.


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