Vibro Sifter Sieves

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    Material: Stainless Steel-316 and 316-L Quality
    Material Grade: ISO-9044, ASTM E-2016
    Hole Size: 25.4mm to 25 microns
    Hole Shape: Square, Circular

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        The Vibro Sifter In order to screen, sieves use vibration energy or a combination of vibration & ultrasonic energies. Because of the tremendous tensile stress, sieves must be carefully built to handle it. Keeping sieve apertures accurate is crucial because particle size distribution plays a key role in drug breakdown. Sieve production relies heavily on maintaining the precision of apertures. For good sifting performance, wire thickness, nominal aperture size accuracy, strong tensile strength, and tautness of the sieve are important.

        Innovative Features :

        • Crevice free GMP Design.
        • Super tight finish.
        • Bio safe Toxicology Tested.
        • Calibrated & Certified as per International Standards.
        • Available in S.S 316 and S.S. 304 Quality.
        • Available in sizes ranging from 30 mm dia to 1600 mm dia.
        • Mesh Range from 2 Mesh to 600 mesh.
        • Available in ASTM, Micron, BSS Standard.
        • Available for all type of model & for all Leading Brand i.e. Lab model, Standard Model, Production Model).
        • Imported Substitute Design.


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