Automatic Linear Bottle Washing Machine

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    Our company is one of the leading manufacturers and exporting for automatic linear bottle washing machine. The machine offered guarantees effective bottle washing in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing industries. Three washes and two bottles of air for cleaning are supplied in this machine.

    Production Rate: 30 to 50 Bottles/Minute
    Bottle Size: 30ml to 120ml
    Electrical: 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
    Overall Dimension: 2300mm x 850mm x 915mm

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        The Automatic Linear Tunnel type Bottle Washing Machine is ideal for both round and flat formed glass, PET and plastic bottles. Fully in Steel finish, machine construction, machine frame structure included. Every component of the washing zone and jets come into touch is composed of SS 316 materials.

        This machine is suited to pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs, distilleries and many other sectors. Three-cycle rinsing offers flexibility for different wash cycles like fresh water, dematerialized water, etc., depending on the bottle rinsing demand. All pumps are built of SS and all contact parts components of SS 316 on a strong SS foundation.


        Automatic linear Bottle Washing Machine is a compact model used for Wash of oral liquid Bottles. Bottles are feed through S.S. wire mesh conveyor. Bottles are put into pockets in inverted position when Geneva assembly Rotate.

        As a result of the move from Geneva to individual washing as provided by the washing cycles, the Bottles row moves continuously. Innere and Outer Side were washed by Bottle. With water strength and dry with air strength. Customization of washing sequence according to customer needs. The Solenoid Valve is controlled Water jets only begin while washing and save expensive water. Now, washed containers are once again reversed upwards and placed straight on the tray for further processing conveyors.

        Special Feature:

        • cGMP Model
        • A Special clutch device is incorporated for Stoppage of Machine in the event, Bottle is over turned or over diameter
        • Low RPM but High output
        • All contact parts are made from SS 316 materials
        • The machine will be provided with SS pumps and SS tanks
        • Emergency Switch Are Fitted at in Feed and Out Feed Side.
        • Imported pumps are provided in the machine, which gives a good pressure to wash Bottle properly
        • Low Water Level in Tanks – Machine Stop
        • Infeed Drum Jam – Machine Stop
        • Outfeed Prism Jam – Machine Stop
        • Outfeed Pusher Jam – Machine Stop
        • The machine suitable for handling washes of round and flat glass bottle (With help of change parts)
        • Machine equipped with safety devices to ensure smooth operation with high output.

        Technical Specification

        • Model: DPM-LBW-100/ DPM-LBW-150/ DPM-LBW-200/ DPM-LBW-250
        • Output/min: 90 to 250 (Depend upon Model)
        • Number of Pocket: 8/12/16/20
        • Conveyor Height: 800 ±50mm as Per Customer Requirement

        Power Consumption

        • Main Motor : 1 hp / 415volts / 50 hz
        • Heater : 3 KW.
        • Pump : 0.5 hp / 415 volts / 50 hz
        • Conveyor : 0.5 hp / 415 volts / 50 hz
        • Power Requirement: 415 volts, 3 Phase, 50 hz
        • Air Consumption: 10 – 30 CFM depend upon the Machine Model.
        • Water Consumption: 100 to 350 LPM depend upon the Model.


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