Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

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    In the field of production and export of the Rotary Bottle washing machine we are among the most renowned names. The provided machine is produced in accordance with the newest technology and is perfect for drink, food and pharmaceutical cleaning. This machine produces little noise and is long-lasting. The fast speed and tensile strength of it are well recognised.

    Capacity: 64
    Machine Type: Semi-Automatic
    Power Consumption: 1 H. P.
    Motor Power: Depends upon model
    Size: Depends upon model
    Features: Durable, High speed, High tensile strength

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        Introduction to the machine:

        Rotary bottle washing machine strictly follows and meets the norms laid by Goods manufacturing practices (GMP) for washing of plastic bottles and glass. The machine is techno savvy and durable and it also provides smooth workflow. Machine is designed to operate ‘GENEVA’ principal on rotary basis and it also requires manual loading and unloading of the bottles. Rotary bottle washing machine ensures efficient cleaning of bottles as it is well equipped with pressurized centrifugal pumps. The control panel of the machine is user friendly and the machine is easy to operate. Machine is structured in such a manner that a time gap is maintained during working procedure in between various washing cycles.

        Working of rotary bottle washing machine:

        As the machine demands manual loading of the bottles, so the bottles are firstly manually loaded the index portion of the platform. Machine consists of bottle holders which hold the bottles and places it in inverted way. Bottles are cleaned externally by spraying shower. Machine is formulated to stop washing procedure when the bottles are stopped, hence is also nullifies any probability of wastage of water resource. Washing time & sequence can be adjusted as per the requirement of client by using easy control options in the machine.

        Standard features of machine:

        • Geneva mechanism is the foremost feature of the machine as it provides time gap between 2 cycles of washing.
        • Four inner (inclusive of one air wash) & one outer washing facility.
        • Control panel can be placed separately as per client’s comfort.
        • Pressurized centrifugal pumps for efficient cleaning of bottles.
        • Ease of loading and unloading bottles.
        • Machine designed in such manner that it makes extremely easy to clean and it has low cost of maintenance.
        • Height can adjusted for light or heavy bottles as per requirement.
        • Anti leakage feature of the machine as it is equipped with solenoid valves.
        • Quality spraying nozzles and zero water wastage.
        Technical Specifications:
        Model DPM-RBW-64
        Production Rate 60 t100 Bottles/Minute
        Bottle Size 30 ml t120 ml
        Direction of movement Clockwise
        Input Specification
        Round Shape
        Diameter 30 mm t80 mm
        Height 50 mm t270 mm
        Square Shape
        Length 30 mm t80 mm
        Width 10 mm t50 mm
        Height 58 mm t190 mm
        Power Specification
        Main Motor 0.5 H.P.
        Pumps 1 H.P. x 2 = 2 H.P.
        Electric Heater 3 K.W.
        Electrical Characteristics 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
        Air Pressure Required 6 bar @ 5 CFM
        Tank Capacity 75 Liters, SS 304 (2 Nos)
        Water Cycle 4 Inner + 1 Outer
        Working Height 850 mm t900 mm
        Working Height 850 mm t900 mm
        Change Parts (A) Neck Diameter: Bottle holding pocket. (B) Flat Container: Special type of cup.
        Overall Dimension 1500 mm (L) x 1750 mm (W) x 1300 mm (H)


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