Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine

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    Material: Stainless Steel
    Filling Accuracy: +/ – 0.1%
    Capable to Fills: 5 grm. To 250 grm
    Filling Speed: 30 to 40 tubes per min
    Tube Length: 40 to 220 mm
    Voltage: 230 V

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        We provide Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine with the help of our skilled and experienced employees. By filling the ointment within the tube, our supplied tube filling machine can meet the needs of the pharmaceutical business. This tube filling machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical sector for pouring liquid medications and cosmetics into tubes. To ensure top quality, we examine this tube filling machine against a variety of characteristics.


        • Filling Speed 30 to 40 tubes per min
        • Precisely developed
        • Easy installation

        Salient Features:

        • There is no tube. There is no Fill device. (When there is no tube on the filling station, the material will not discharge from the hopper.)
        • The machine is equipped with a S. S. Hopper that is electrically jacketed and has a thermostatic control to maintain the material hot while filling in the tubes.
        • The machine is equipped with a swirling device, which prevents active chemicals in the material from adhering to the inner wall of the hopper, which holds your material.
        • Ours is the only one in India that can fill, seal, and code aluminium tubes as well as plastic LAMI tubes by switching out the sealing device.
        • All contact components of the machine are constructed of S. S. 16 material.
        • 12 Nos.Tube holding Cup SS-304. And SS Spring Loaded Nylon Holders One Tube Size
        • Syringe Pump Single Head Type Insert for Filling (5 Gms. to 30 Gms.) (30 Gms. to 100 Gms.) (100 Gms. to 250 Gms.) Any one of the three sets will be provided against requested specification in your order
        • Jacketed Hopper


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