Octagonal Blender Machine

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    Capacity: 100to 3000L
    Automation Grade: Automatic
    Design Type: Customized
    Power Source: 20HP
    Phase: Three Phase
    Material Grade: SS304/SS316/SS316l
    Discharge Valve (inch): butterfly
    Surface Finishing: Mirror
    Discharge Mode: pneumatic
    Ac VFD: yes
    Usage/Application: Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetic products

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        We are leading and well known suppliers, manufacturers and dealers of octagonal blender, our team has engineered the machine using stainless steel for corrosion free working. Polygon shaped Octagonal blender is designed and structured in such a manner that it can provide long lasting and durable working.  Eight faced blender is specially crafted for homogenous and constant blending of pharmaceutical products like tablets and capsules.  In order to provide safety and to avoid jerks we have provided induction motor with fluid coupling. All spare parts of machine are made of Stainless steel grade 304 & 316. Octagonal blender is mirror finish and it includes easiest control panel and safety arrangement.  We have ensured quick and efficient blending of material as the machine is equipped with slanted baffle inside the core shell of the machine.

        Safety guaranteed:

        Machine is equipped with safety guard to prevent any sort of damage. Flameproof arrangement of the machine ensures fire safety and hassle free production.

        Premium Features:

        • Spare parts of the machine are made up of Stainless steel grade 304 & 316.
        • Ease of blending ensured by baffles.
        • On client demand, Octagonal blender can be equipped with bin charging system.
        • On client demand, flame proof fitting of push button and motors can also be equipped to make the machine more efficient and capable.
        • Safety guards for all moving parts of the machine.
        • Butterfly valve for charging and discharging facility. Adaptor is also provided for charging drum fixation.
        • Easiest controls with on/off switches, push buttons and smart tools for premium production experience.
        • Discharge height of the machine can be adjusted as per the requirement of the client.
        • Octagonal shape of the blender ensures to process volumes in high quantity.
        • Space saving model of the machine along with durability and low maintenance.
        • Octagonal blender provides balance even during high volume of the material.

        We imply to standard structuring and designing of the blender to ensure that all norms of GMP are followed.

        One click selection:

        We provide easiest way to buy best machines by single click selection, book your Octagonal blender right now and get detailed quotes and specifications. We provide premium post sales service and online support for 24*7. Visit us right now and choose the business specific model of blender as per your requirement, get is assembled and expand your business with minimum resources and maximum production value.

        Models and Technical Specifications

        Model Capacity Working Capacity Blender RPM Overall Dimensions
        OCB 100 100 Ltrs Gross 60 Liters RPM 5-22 1380 x 1100  x 1715 (mm)
        OCB 150 150 Ltrs Gross 90 Liters RPM 5-22 1428 x 1200  x 1865 (mm)
        OCB 200 200 Ltrs Gross 120 Liters RPM 2-16 1749 x 1400  x 2562 (mm)
        OCB 250 250 Ltrs Gross 150 Liters RPM 2-16 1795 x 1400  x 2562 (mm)
        OCB 300 300 Ltrs Gross 180 Liters RPM 2-16 1859 x 1400  x 2562 (mm)
        OCB 500 500 Ltrs Gross 300 Liters RPM 2-12 2540 x 2400 x 2570 (mm)
        OCB 600 600 Ltrs Gross 400 Liters RPM 2-12 2100 x 2023 x 2075 (mm)
        OCB 1000 1000 Ltrs Gross 600 Liters RPM 1-8 2905 x 2800 x 2115 (mm)
        OCB 1500 1500 Ltrs Gross 900 Liters RPM 1-8 3137 x 2900 x 2420 (mm)
        OCB 2000 2000 Ltrs Gross 1500 Liters RPM 6 2872 x 2720 x 2680 (mm)
        OCB 3000 3000 Ltrs Gross 2100 Liters RPM 4 2817 x 3190 x 2850 (mm)


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