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    Tray Dryer Model Available: 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192 trays
    Construction: External : 2MM THK Internal : 2MM THKMOC: cGMP
    Surface Finish : External: Buffed to 150 grit matt finish Internal: Buffed to 220 grit mirror finish.
    Inlet & Outlet: All dryers have a 5 micron pre filter r at the inlet and a manually infinite adjustable damper at the outlet.

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        Tray dryer machines are widely used for standard drying results in conventional processes. Tray Dryer model available with different ranging from 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192 trays.

        Know your product: Tray dryer

        Since decades wet granulation method is popularly and widely used in pharmaceutical industry for compression of tablets as it offers a higher possibility and meets the requirement of desired compression in tablets. Each method and technology comes with certain loopholes and hence one of the main loopholes of this method is that it consumes more amounts of resources like labor and time. So, it becomes bit difficult to manage it for a large scale production. Several sub-processes like weight measurement, mixing, drying, lubricating and compression are included in wet method. Structuring of a tray dryer depends upon several factors like batch size and quality of matter and several equipments like spray dryers, shear mixtures (low), shear mixtures (high), fluid bed granulators and spheronizer can be used for wet massing process.

        Tray dryer is preferred during conventional processes for desired drying results and it helps to minimize the resources used during the process. Machine comes in variants of single and double door and it is made of dual wallet structure. There is also a requirement to avoid internal heat transfer and therefore high density fiber wool insulation material is used to fill vacant space between two walls. Our designers have used stainless steel of premium quality for making trays; and it ensures anti rusting quality with long lasting durability in the part. Techno savvy and user friendly machines are our priority and hence we have provided digital temperature indicator/controller, user friendly control panel and timer settings in our modern tray dryers. We offer various variants of tray dryers ranging from capacity of 6 to 192 trays and we have several models with tray capacity of 12,24,48,96.

        Usage & Structuring of Tray Dryer:

        We offer latest tray dryer machines which can be widely used in industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, color plants and dye stuff etc. In short, tray dryers can be used in any industry where manufacturing process has a requirement of heating and drying. The material which is to be dried is placed on the trays which are further placed on moving trolleys. Electric heaters or radiator coil steam support the transfer of hot air necessary for the process of drying. Dryers are available in stainless steel to ensure durability and variants of dryers are also made available in mild steel or solid construction steel. Our tray dryers can used for drying process for products of various industries like food & bakery stuff, chemicals, dyes, powders etc.  There are several choices in heating mode of the drying ovens. As per the necessity controller can opt for thermal fluid heated mode or steam heated mode.

        Digital timer & temperature controller is made available in steam heated mode to ensure flawless continuous working of the machine. A precisely designed air circulation system supports recirculation of heated air and fresh air in manually selected proportion for best results. Machine structure is designed in such a way to provide best dryer results on materials placed on both top and bottom. Digital temperature control system provides continuous working of the machine.

        Tray Dryer Processing:

        Hot air is re circulated continuously and convection heating takes place which removes moisture and wetness from the material placed in the trays. When the heating process is underway in the machine, on other hand air consisting moisture is also removed. Firstly wet solid material is placed into stainless steel or mild steel trays and then those trays are placed in the chamber. The procedure starts with the passing of fresh air in the chamber and fresh air gets heated as it passes through heaters.  Hot air is continuously circulated in the chamber by a fan and vapor pressure is also lowered by turbulent flow. The wetness is picked up in air in form of water particles and the material gets dried. An outlet is provided for output of moist air. Continuous and consistent temperature and air flow provides organized and uniform drying process. When the process ends, the trays are taken out of the chamber and emptied.

        Tray Dryer designing and specifications:

        Tray dryer are made up of thick sheets and suitable for vigorous working. External walls of dryers are made up for stainless steel (304 quality parameter) to ensure smooth processing. Gas tungsten arc wielding is used to make internal robust structure and it provides efficient working. Glass wool insulation (50 mm thick) is also done to avoid any heat transfer or heating of any internal parts. Tray dryer are equipped with front door and feasible air outlet. Door has a quality of explosion proof strength and it can handle pressure during heating and drying process. Doors also ensure no leakage as a rubber gasket is used.

        Tray Dryer Machine Overview:

        Tray dryer has an elegant look and it is made while taking care of guidelines laid by Goods manufacturing practices (GMP). The heaters are designed to provide organized heating as they are assembled on the sides of the tray dryers. Tray dryer can reach up to maximum temperature of 212 F and digital controller and indicator shows temperature during heating process. A tray dryer variant with 12 dryers can provide heating load up to 4 KW and a 48 dryer variant model of the machine can provide heating load up to 12 KW.

        Tray Dryer Industrial advantage:

        Trays inside the dryer have racks provided to support them. Racks are fixed in the variants of 12 and 24 trays. Further variants of machine with large amount of trays (that is – 48 & 96) are provided with wheels to support easily sliding and removal of trays. As per client demand, an extra trolley made of stainless steel can also be assembled. Profound research suggests that tray dryers work 10 to 12 times faster than traditional conventional method which used for drying and heating processes.

        We ensure best in class Tray dryers suitable for client needs, contact us right now and get latest quotations and specifications of the machine. Select a variant of your choice and give a boost to your production unit.

        Salient Features

        • Construction: External : 2MM THK Internal : 2MM THKMOC: cGMP
        • Surface Finish : External: Buffed to 150 grit matt finish Internal: Buffed to 220 grit mirror finish.
        • Inlet & Outlet: All dryers have a 5 micron pre filter r at the inlet and a manually infinite adjustable damper at the outlet.
        • Door : Doors at provided at the front and / or rear side of the dryer. Door lips are lined with silicon rubber gasket to prevent any leakages. Suitable locking is provided for the doors.
        • Air Circulation : Air circulation is done by specially designed recirculation blowers inside thedryer. The blower capacity , static & design depends on the size and model of dryer.
        • Heating : Dryers are normally supplied with either steam / electric / thermic fluid / hot water heating system. Suitable heating coils / caloriefiers are provided in the dryers.
        • Temperature Control : Temp control system is done by electronic digital temp controller fitted in the control panel. The temp control in the dryer is fully automatic.
        • Trays : Trays are available in S.S. 304 / 316 q. All trays are fully die pressed and with cooved corners. Trays are buffed to mirror finish. Trays are also available in aluminium / Polypropelene / Frp / M.S. galvanized as per clients reqiuirements.
        • Trolley : Trolley is provided in the dryers to accommodate trays in it. Trolley truck are used to load and unload the trays into the dryer.
        • Control Panel : Automatic Control panel is fitted on the side of the dryer. If consists of Starters, contactors, safety relays, ckt breakers, indicating lamps, push buttons , timers, controllers etc.
        Technical Specifications of Tray Dryer, Vacuum Tray Dryer
        Models TD-12 TD-24 TD-48 TD-96 TD-192
        Loading capacity 12 Trays 24 Trays 48 Trays 96 Trays 192 trays
        External Dimension in mm W D H1370 X 530X 940 W D H1370 X 940X 940 W D H1980 X1020 X1880 W D H3320X1900X1880 W D H3320 X 1900X 1880
        Internal Dimension In mm 840 X 430 X 840 840 X 860 X 840 1020 X930 X1830 1960 X930 X1830 1960 X930 X1830
        No of Doors One One One Two Two
        No of Blowers One Two One Two Four
        No of motors / H.P.3 Phase 415 Volts. 1 / 0.5 H.P.3 phase 415 volts. 1 / 0.5 H.P.3 phase 415 volts 1 / 1 H.P.3 phase 415 volts 2 / 1 H.P.3 phase 415 volts Four / 1 H.P.each3 phase 415 volts
        Electrical Heating Load for100°C / 200°C / 300°C 3kw / 6kw / 9kw 6kw / 9kw / 12kw 9kw / 15kw / 18kw 15kw / 21kw / 27kw 36kw / 42kw / 48kw
        Steam Heater No. of coils. 2 2 2 2 2
        Steam Pressure 3.3 kg / cm2 3.3 kg / cm2 3.3 kg / cm2 3.3 kg / cm2 3.3 kg / cm2
        Steam consumption 25 LBS / hr 45 LBS/hr 60 LBS / hr 80 LBS / hr 120 LBS / hr
        Insulation in mm100°C / 200°C / 300°C 50 / 75 / 75 50 / 75 / 75 50/75/75 50 / 75 / 75 50 / 75 / 75
        No of Trolleys Rack System Rack System One Two Four
        Tray Size 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31 812 X 406 X 31
        Trolley Dimension Fixed Racks Fixed Racks 840 X 960 X 1780 840 X 960 X 1780 840 X 960 X 1780


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