Planetary Mixer

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    Batch Size: 12 Liter to 600 Liter working Capacity
    Materials: Product Contact Parts AISI 316L
    Vessel Inside Pressure: (-1 /+2 Bar)
    Heating Jacket Pressure: (-1 /+6 bar)
    Moveable vessel: up to 200 Liter.
    Machine Structure: AISI 304

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        Planetary Mixer, Planetary Agitator Mixer, High Speed Homogenizer

        Design Features:

        • Design compliance with cGMP
        • Integrated Cleaning in Place-CIP.
        • Sterilizing In Place-SIP as an Option.

        Batch Size

        • Available model 12 Liter to 600 Liter working Capacity.


        • Product Contact AISI 316L.
        • Food Grade silicon rubber for seal.

        Vessel design

        • Jacket for heating & cooling.
        • Vacuumize process.
        • Vessel Inside Pressure (-1 /+2 Bar)
        • Heating Jacket Pressure (-1 /+6 bar)
        • Moveable vessel up to 200 Liter.
        • Heating by steam or hot water circulation.
        • Direct cooling with water.
        • Temperature controller & safety pressure Valve.
        • Bottom discharge with valve.

        Agitator mixer & scrapper

        • Mixing flow top to bottom in vertical axis.
        • Anchor agitator with paddle with 45°C.
        • Planetary rotating elements.
        • Option for Single, double & triple agitator.
        • Teflon scrappers with blade.
        • Scrapper cleanly working.
        • Optimize heat transfer.
        • RPM sleeplessly with variable speed drive.

        High speed Homogenizer (Optional)

        • Top drive homogenizer.
        • Toothed Rotor – stator type.
        • RPM sleeplessly with variable speed drive.
        • High shear & pressurization of the homogenizer.
        • Thus, homogenization of high viscosities up to 400.000 mPas.
        • Homogenizer mounted on lower position in the centre of vessel.

        Top Lid

        • Motorized top lid for lifting & lowering.
        • Safety Interlock process with limit switch.
        • Connection for Vacuum, Charging, Eye glass window, Light glass, CIP, SIP, Pressure gauge & safety valve.

        Vacuum System

        • Water Ring Vacuum Pump.
        • Vacuum gauge & Vacuum relief valve.

        Machine Structure

        • Rigid modular structure with AISI 304, Foundation is required.

        Controls & Visualization

        • Electric Controls with digital display.
        • Optional PLC Controls with HMI Touch screen.
        • RPM and Process time entries.
        • Temperature controls- Heat/cool.
        • Vacuum start- Stop.
        • Integrated Data Recording for batch.

        Safety Features

        • Emergency stop button
        • Safety vacuum relief valve & Indicator Gauge.
        • Safety Pressure Valve.
        • Limit switch at top lid


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