Colloid Mill

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    Output: 120 to 12000 kgs/shift
    Particle size reduction: 5 to 10 Micron
    Hopper Capacity: 15 ltrs.
    Reduction upto: 5 to 10 microns (Particle Size)
    Electricals: 3 HP/ 2800 RPM / 3 PHASE

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        After years of profound research our committed team of developers has designed a colloid mill using modern and advanced technology and this colloid mill can be used for various processes like mixing, dispersing, emulsifying and granulating of liquids to viscous products. We also offer various model of colloid mill like regular model and water jacketed models for sensitive materials. The machine works on the functioning technology of rotor-stator.

        Working Structure:

        The procedure starts by entering of the product in the operating unit of rotor; we have specially designed the machine so that the rotor can have speed of 2800 to 3100 rotations per minute. High pressure and friction is generated in the machine during the procedure and vibrations take place due to specially designed structure of stator and rotor, gap is reduced at the discharge section. The material processed comes out through drain pipe of mill. Such process can be repeated to get desired product. Hence colloid mill can be used for fine grinding, mixing and extracting of liquids & moisture from vicious products, the machine can be used in various industrial sectors like pharmaceuticals, emulsion and cosmetics industry.

        Standard quality product:

        • All our machines are designed as per the norms and guidelines laid by good manufacturing practices (GMP).
        • Spare parts of machine made using AISI 316. (austenitic stainless steel formulated)
        • Re-circulating facility available to ensure desired product outcome.
        • Low-cost maintenance and easy to clean and manage.
        • Colloid mill can be used for vicious materials as it is equipped with separate discharge unit.
        • Best model as it provides fire safety because of its flameproof structure.
        • Cooling system in the machine to provide hassle free process. (water cooling)
        • Leak proof and sealed device.
        • Machine equipped with facility to adjust grinding gap by using a handle and even during the ongoing procedure. Modern design and latest technology.

        Select a model:

        We provide information, guidance and detailed specifications about the machine as per the business model of the client and we also provide guidance for the best model of Colloid mill which can suites the needs and industrial requirements. Visit our company, website or call our telephonic helpline to know in detail. You can also drop us an email for the inquiry of machine. Contact us right now and get best offers, post sales service and a smart colloid mill for your industrial needs.


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