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Fluid Bed Dryer

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    Dimension: 1550x 1200x 2650mm
    Power: 10HP(Blower Motor)
    Bowl Volume: As Per Requirement
    Speed: 2800 Rpm
    Steam Consumption: 55kg
    Total Volume of Product Container: 200L
    Working Capacity of Product Container: 100kg

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        Technical Specifications
        Container Gross Volume Ltr. 46 71 142 280 475 650 870 1055 1350
        Max. Batch Capacity (0.5 bd) kg* O to 15 20 to 30 40 to 60 80 to 120 160 to 200 200 to 300 300 to 400 400 to 500 500 to 600
        Blower Motor HP** 7.5 7.5 10 20 25 30 40 50 50
        Air Flow (CFM)± 10 % 430 706 1060 1880 2590 3235 3825 4000 4705
        Steam Pressure (kg/cm2) 3.5
        Steam Consumption (kg/hr) 30 50 80 140 216 250 288 344 384
        Electric Heater (kW) 18 20 36 60 N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A.
        Compressed Air Pressure (bar) 8
        Drying Temp (°C) 35-80
        Electrical Supply** 415 V±10%,AC,3 ∅,50 Hz

        We offer best in class Fluid Bed Dryer machine which is smartly designed and made with stainless steel grade 316 which provides better resistance against chlorides, corrosion and chemicals.  Profound research about the industry has shown that machine suitable for various sectors are the key for production growth, hence the fluid bed dryer machine is made in such a manner that it can work flexibly across various sectors of industry like chemical, pharmaceuticals, dye manufacturing, food industry etcetera. The machine is capable for materials of various shapes like granular and coarse. Formerly tray dryers were used to consume 5 to 6 hours for the process, while the new fluid dryer machine performs the same process in 30 to 35 minutes of time with easiest modes of operation.

        Working Structure:

        The base of the container is filled with material and a hot stream of air passes through the chamber, due to this fluidization takes place in the chamber and it develops ideal conditions for the material to dry quickly. Solid particles move in the product chamber when material bed is expanded by air stream at ideal velocity. Machine works in organized way to transfer heat to each solid particle so that drying process is perfect and organized.  Fluid bed dryer machine is equipped with filter bags in order to avoid any sort of spillage of particles from the machine during the process of fluidization. Latest technology of passing the hot air in the container is used in such a manner that there is no loss of energy in form of heat. Machine is designed in such a manner that fluidization process generates perturbation of material (solid particles) and heat is transferred as each particle is surrounded by stream of hot air.

        Select your Industry specific model:

        • Fluid bed dryer machine are available in a wide range. – (5 kg to 500 kg)
        • Industry and requirement specific pressure gauge to keep an eye on pressure dropping.
        • Accurate air monitoring facility by using air control damper.
        • Automated system and with timer facility.
        • Gasket technology used instead of cylinder to provide hassle free experience.
        • Key areas upgraded with unit of fan motor.
        • Latest technology silence to provide negligible noise during production.
        • User friendly operations equipped with devices like key board and printer.
        • Damaged finger bag can be tracked easily due to technology of monitoring flow chart. (It is one of the premium features included in our model of fluid bed dryer)
        • Silicon rubber tube filled with air is used to provide PP finger bag.
        • Good manufacturing practices (GMP) norms & guidelines completely followed to provide standard quality machines.
        • Bottom section is available above the level of ground with bucket type shape.

        Benefits & Advantages:

        We are well known machine dealers, traders, manufacturers and suppliers. Get best quotation for your specific model of fluid bed dryer and avail special benefits. Visit us right now and choose an ideal machine for your business model. Our specialized team is ready to serve your demands as we help you to achieve desired industrial production goals.


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