Chemical Storage Silo

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    Category: Storage Tank

    Solid construction and high resistance against corrosion
    Short installation period
    Cost-effective investment
    Diameter – 3 to 28 m
    Maximum Height – 30 m

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        Chemical storage silos are commonly used in the chemical industries to store various types of chemicals. Chemical stored like sodium carbonate, carbon black, urea, activated carbon, calcined coke, alumina, fly ash, desulphurization gypsum and other chemicals. With the use of chemical storage silos, today chemicals can be easily stored, transported and utilized. Chemical industries are not only using these silos for their processes but also developing themselves.

        It’s obvious that often chemicals are toxic, have high instability and even radioactive sometimes. The radioactive and highly toxic chemicals are usually stored in very thick concrete storage. Whereas other slightly corrosive bulk chemical is stored in spiral steel silos. Spiral steel silos are constructed from highly galvanized carbon steel sheet, which ensures perfect insulation from the outside environment and is suitable for all types of dry chemicals.

        Advantages of spiral chemical steel silos

        Safe and Solid: Deepuj focus on constructing solid Spiral chemical steel silos which can last for years. The advanced installation system ensures better safety and avoids direct contact of sunlight.

        Scientific Design:  No matter what are the expansion plans or what is the chemical demand. Spiral chemical steel slios can meet all your needs. It not only consumes less energy but also its scientific process layout can simplify their procedure of the industries.

        Best Sealing Performance: Every chemical storage silo is tested for leakage during its construction so, industries don’t have to worry. It will protect the chemical from outside environment while keeping it perfectly sealed.

        System Stability: The spiral steel silos are equipped with advanced control systems and alarming feature which facilitate workers to understand the condition of the silo. For any type of abnormal situations alarm systems are fitted in order to inform the team about it.

        Environment-Friendly: Our chemical steel silos are built while considering the environment pollution. These are well sealed to minimize air pollution and also resist corrosion.

        Key Parts of the Chemical Storage Silos

        We all know that chemical storage silos must be solid enough to store chemical for a longer time. Let’s see some of the key factors to determine the solidity of the silos.

        Roof Top: Roof is the top portion of the chemical silo which is made to resist rain and extreme snow disasters. It is connected with the help of ribs to the body of the silo in such a manner which makes it one piece and avoids breaking into parts.

        Body Steel Plate: A commercial chemical storage silo body is constructed with double galvanized steel coating in order to increase its life and durability. Each sidewall is built from high tensile steel which can resist extreme temperature and pressure.

        Stiffeners: We use high tension stiffeners in the construction of the chemical storage silo to stand well against extreme hurricane and base boot stiffeners are specially coated to resist rusting over time.

        Wind Ring: Tall chemical storage silos are exclusively added with wind rings and brackets which resists heavy blowing winds.

        Advanced Welding Technology: We use advanced welding technology to make the silos perfect and safe to store. Once the chemical is filled, our experts will add stiffeners to improve its solidity.

        Deepuj is a powerful brand with advanced technologies to manufacture various types of spiral steel silos to meet the needs of our customers. Our skilful workers understand the seriousness of the storage so ensure the best installation. We have earned good reputation and name in the market by providing high-quality steel silos and superb services and believe to satisfy your need as well. We are always ready to solve your problem for chemical storage.


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