Grain Storage Silo Bins

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    Category: Storage Tank

    Strong leakproof to meet the needs of pesticides and fumigation
    Temperature measuring device installed inside grain silo
    Diameter: 3-25m
    Maximum height: 28m
    Applications: Grain
    Capacity: 15000 Ton

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        Grain silo can also be termed as a large grain storage container. The name itself describes its use that is storing a large quantity of grain. It can be used in the large granary projects and even for home. Grain silo is best for storing grains like wheat, rice, barley, sorghum, sunflower seeds, palm kernel, buckwheat, millet, bran, peas, beans, rapeseeds, beet seeds, peanut, rye seeds, flour, feed, minor cereals, and other bulk granular crops, etc. it can be in any form like timber silos, cement silos, plastic silos and steel silos. Among all the forms of silos, spiral steel silo is the most famous for storing grain because of its excellent features.

        Choosing the right form of the silo is the primary task for storing the grains. Deepuj steel silo is mostly preferred because it is moisture proof, prevents from insects and rodents and convenient to fill in and out the grains. These silos are widely used in large grain factories because of its high durability and easy installation. No matter what’s the grain quantity, Deepuj steel silo is here to store it safely. Deepuj steel silos come in different sizes in order to fulfill the requirements of the customers. Steel granary is always best for protecting grain from outside moisture and environment. Also, it is very light in weight as compared with the cement silos. Steel grain storage is manufactured from galvanized steel which lasts up to 30 years without getting rusted.

        How grain steel silos improves your storage system?

        • Elevate grain storage and management with the Steel silo system. We provide large grain holding capacity in order to fit in all industries.
        • Different shapes and sizes of steel silos we are manufacturing which meet customer requirements.
        • Spiral steel silos are preferred as the safest grain storage container because of the high-quality steel used.
        • Steel silo comes with heat dissipation and ventilation facility in order to prevent grain from being mould.

        Grain Storage Silos application methods

        Before storing the grain in the steel silos, it’s recommended to apply the method of winnowing which removes the pests, straw, and sand, flat and other impurities. Proper drying must be ensured before storing.

        Other storage methods are as follows:

        Ordinary Storage: Grains should be cleaned against impurities and dried in suitable temperature which helps them to store for a longer time. Also, ensure regular checkup for stored grain in order to avoid grain being mould.

        Heat sealed storage: It’s often used in the summer season where the temperature is increased after hot warehousing. It resists insecticidal effects on the stored grains.

        Natural anoxic storage: This method is usually performed for the newly harvested wheat. It includes cleaning of the crop and later drying it in the sun. Once it gets completely dried, store it in the silos for 1 week. During this period workers must be instructed to check for the impurities in the grains.

        Storage of mixing and protective agent: From the name itself it defines the method. The grains are mixed with the protective agents in order to protect grain from insect infection. Protective agents can be used for flour and rice both. People usually use a gauze mask and gloves to perform the mixing process.

        Advantages of using Grain Storage Silos

        Leak-proof: Steel silos are manufactured focusing on the need to store grain without leaking it. Thus, customers can be ensured for leak-proof storage.

        The Temperature Measuring Device Inbuilt: Now, you don’t have to check the temperature of the grain again and again. Simply check the temperature from the measuring meter provided. This feature will also help you in maintain the right temperature.

        Easy To Operate and Convenient: It’s easy to install and operate. No matter how large or small space you have, it can go with it perfectly.

        Fulfill all customers requirement: We offer varieties of designs and sizes for our worldwide customers.

        Let us know your need and we are here to meet them. Grain storage management is one of the tedious jobs but without steel silos, it can be easy for you. We are here to ensure the best protection of your grain for a longer time.

        Agro and Food Industries

        • Grain milling-flour mills (Wheat, Rice, Corn etc)
        • Cereal & pulse cleaning (Wheat, Rice, Pulses etc)
        • Spice seeds cleaning (Cumin, Black Pepper. Coriander etc)
        • Spice industries (Spice powders, spice oil etc)
        • Edible oil seeds milling (Groundnut, Snuff lower, Rapeseed etc)
        • Oilseeds Kernels (Peanuts, Sunflower)
        • Edible Soya flour (Soybean)
        • Non-edible produce (Neem seeds, castor seeds, jetropha)


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