Limestone Powder Storage Silo

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    Category: Storage Tank

    Solid structure & strong resistance to corrosion
    Short construction term
    Lime silo’s service life can reach 30 years
    Diameter: 3-28m
    Maximum height: 28m

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        One of the most prevalent techniques for storing lime is the lime silo. We uses cutting-edge German silo construction technology, and the building technique is one-of-a-kind. When building, use a decoiling machine to feed the 495 mm wide coil sheet into a bending machine. Bending, seaming, and then rolling into the required geometric shape, around the silo lateral generating a 30-40 mm wide, encircling spiral projecting strip on the structure performing the role of silo reinforcing. Silo building equipment may also do double bending processing on two separate types of materials.

        Features of the Limestone Powder Silo

        • Spiral steel silos are constructed on the site itself and with complete safety
        • No need of the scaffolding and any type of auxiliary facility
        • The complete structure is made without a screw or spike
        • Steel plate margin is produced by the seaming machine which facilitates the construction and does not need any labour.
        • Silo construction is done with a maximum speed of 3-5 m/min which helps in completing entire silo in a much short period.
        • We only require a truck to deliver the construction equipment on the site so the transport cost is very low.
        • Spiral silos are made from thin galvanized steel coil sheet which is cheaper in terms of cost

        Why should you choose Deepuj for Limestone Powder Silo?

        • Low Investment
        • Wide Manufacturing Range
        • High Automation
        • High Accuracy
        • Good Leakproofness and Damp Proof
        • Easy Maintenance
        • Waterproof and Anti-corrosion
        • Excellent After-sales Service
        • Professional Working Team

        Lime Silo operation considerations

        • Lime storage and transportation must be done carefully in order to avoid fire or explosion. When lime is mixed with water, it releases a large amount of heat which can start a fire or explode.
        • Avoid getting in contact with acid content
        • Workers must wear complete safety equipment like gloves, dustproof fibres overalls, airtight and dustproof glasses in order to prevent the reaction on the body
        • Prohibit eating inside the lime storage area as it can get into the body and cause bad effects.


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