Wastewater Storage Tank

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    Category: Storage Tank

    Solid structure & strong resistance to corrosion
    Short construction period
    The most cost-effective investment
    Diameter: 3-28m
    Maximum height: 18m

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        In recent years, waste water treatment technology has advanced rapidly. The goal of the water treatment process is to eliminate or reduce the concentration of pollutants in the water so that it may be used for its intended purpose. One of the most significant applications is the reintroduction of spent water into the natural environment with minimal ecological damage.

        Wastewater storage tanks are frequently utilised in businesses other than sewage storage, such as light industry, waste water treatment plants, and environmental protection projects. The wastewater storage tank is an important part of the wastewater treatment system. Flyer steel water tanks are suitable for storing industrial wastewater, home sewage, and biogas.

        Wastewater Storage Tank’s Advantages

        Superior material & strong resistance to corrosion. Deepuj is adamant about employing high-quality galvanised steel sheet for building wastewater storage tanks. Handan Iron & Steel Company provides these high-quality sheets. The sheet is uniformly thick and galvanised with 275g/m2 zinc for exceptional corrosion resistance. Materials for the storage tank might include galvanised steel coil and stainless steel clad plate.

        Short construction period & lower prices. The wastewater tank is built using professional equipment. The tank seals very well thanks to sophisticated bending and seaming technology. Using innovative technology and equipment, we can achieve a shaping speed of 3-5m per minute, allowing us to complete a wastewater tank with a capacity of 1000 tonnes in 5-7 days. We employ the bilayer bending method to bend and form two distinct sheet materials at the same time, which reduces the cost of storing strong corrosive compounds in the chemical sector significantly.

        The building duration is rather brief when working with trained and experienced team members. The sewage tank is built on-site, and the roof of the silo can be put on the ground. During the entire operation, on-site construction may be guaranteed to be completed in a short period of time. The silo wall was undercut during the rolling process by a 30mm-40mm helical convex strip, which is 5 times thicker than the material. It increases the tank’s loading capacity and elevates the steel water tank above the competition in terms of overall strength, stability, and earthquake resistance.

        Our Services

        • We provide free design for civil engineering and construction plans.
        • We have free detailed maintenance guidance.
        • We can provide free guidance for wastewater storage tank cleaning.
        • Quality guarantee is one year after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving port.
        • 7 days x 24 hours service, within 24 hours reply and solve your any technical issues upon request.
        • Routinely telephone track to remove all might be problems or issues guarantying the whole system long lasting safety and reliability.
        • We consider all your other needs like customs clearance, sea delivery, insurance, customs tax benefit plan, documentations etc. So our respected users would feel relaxed and easy to get the silo system well.


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