Mild Steel Storage Tanks

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    Category: Storage Tank

    Usage/Application: Chemical Industry
    Brand: Moonlight
    Storage Material: Oils, Acid, Chemicals
    Storage Capacity: 5000-10000 L
    Tank Orientation: Horizontal
    Material: Mild Steel

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        These tanks are made of mild steel, which is extremely robust and need very little upkeep. To satisfy peak and typical system needs, they are frequently utilised in conjunction with boilers or other independent water heating sources.

        Chemical and other gaseous products can be stored in M.S Storage tanks, which are particularly designed for this purpose. These are technologically defined technologically by using genuine mild steel. With a huge storage capacity that may be modified to meet the needs of our clients, they are tested and confirmed to international standards. There is no rust in our tanks due to dust, water, or harsh weather. Also, the tanker’s interior is free of any pollution produced by the materials contained, such as crude oil, natural gas and other chemical compounds kept in the tanker’s cargo hold.


        • Leakage Proof
        • High Thermal Sustainability
        • Chemical Resistant
        • Can Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions
        • Keeps Product Contaminant Free


        • Dairy Plant
        • Pharmaceutical Industry
        • Chemical Industry
        • Oil Refineries
        • Gas Industry


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