Solvent Storage Tank

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    Category: Storage Tank

    Capacity: 0-250 L, 250-500 L, 500-1000 L, 1000-5000 L, 5000-10000 L
    Storage Material: Water, Chemicals/Oils, Milk/Dairy, Gases, Waste
    Features: Leg Support, Horizontal Orientation, Vertical Orientation, Level Indicator Equipped, High Temperature Resistant
    Storage Capacity: 0-250 L,250-500 L,500-1000 L,1000-5000 L,5000-10000 L
    Tank Orientation: Vertical
    Color: Black, White, Blue
    Max Pressure: 0-100 psi,100-150 psi,150-200 psi,200-250 psi

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        We design and manufacturing Solvent Storage Tanks to hold solvent in the herbal extraction facility. Storage tanks are containers that carry liquids, compressed gases, or media for short- or long-term heat or cold storage. Storage tanks are typically cylindrical in design, perpendicular to the ground, with flat bottoms and either a fixed frangible or floating cover. Petroleum, waste matter, water, chemicals, and other dangerous items can all be stored in these tanks. These tanks come in a variety of configurations, including vertical and horizontal cylinders, open and closed tops, flat bottoms, cone bottoms, slope bottoms, and dish bottoms. Most liquid storage tanks for transportation are built to withstand varied degrees of pressure. Because of their great quality and low cost, these tanks are in high demand in a variety of processing sectors.

        Types of Solvent Storage Tank

        • Horizontal Storage Tanks
        • Vertical Storage Tanks
        • Elliptical Shaped Storage Tanks
        • Dished Shaped Storage Tanks
        • Flat Storage Tanks
        • Conical Head Storage Tanks
        • Single, double, or triple wall tank.
        • Triple wall tank with limpet, dimple, helical, or plain jacket.
        • High-speed or low-speed agitators.
        • Material of construction SS 304 /316/304L/316L.
        • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.


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